With respect I ask, I can honestly use your support.


First and foremost in-person support is always the best. Please join me in a National Park. Whether you can run and keep me company on marathon day, help with campsite logistics or just sit and talk around the fire, this project is all about connecting and engaging with people. I look forward to seeing you.

Sponsor Me

While I am looking to complete the Project as quickly as I can (within 18 months), the speed I can go will depend on three things, how my body holds up, the weather and my finances.

Speaking of finances, through my own conservative calculations and the budgets of others who have traveled to all 59 National Parks I anticipate it costing around $3,250 per month This covers things like good health insurance (very important!), gas, camping/lodging (hotel about once a week), food (vegan! healthy!), car maintenance, flights, gear (man’s going to need new shoes along the way), car insurance, laundry, web site hosting, cell phone/data plan and contingency. This does not include any of the capital investments I’ve already made including the car, rooftop tent, electronics, and laptop.

If you believe in the Project I have a Generosity.com crowdfunding site where you can become a sponsor. If I can cover six months I should be able to complete the entire project without a break. I will be working on virtual and physical tchotchkes in recognition of your support. Regardless, I appreciate anything you can do. It would mean a lot.

Support My Causes

If you would prefer I would beam with happiness if you could help one of the organizations I support.