One of my goals is to have someone join me for part or all of every marathon. Contact me if you are interested and which Park. We will make it happen.

Are you part of the local running community near a Park? If you want to run with me, could put me up on your couch for a night or two or would be willing to help with logistics send me an email or tweet. Even words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Your knowledge of the terrain, weather and wildlife is invaluable.

The schedule will be based on weather, how my body holds up and how much I'm enjoying myself at a particular park. The current plan is below. I will run the marathon on the first or second day after I arrive at a Park. 

I will update this page as often as possible but also watch Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

Grey - Parks completed
White - Parks still to go

Yellow - Parks completed
Red - Parks still to go
Orange - Next park