Mountains in Texas? Oh heavens yes. Big Bend National Park was dry, dusty and spectacular. The mountains were challenging, the foliage intimidating, the sun unrelenting. There were cliffs, canyons and even streams running through the Chihuahuan Desert. Plus, you have the meandering Rio Grande River continuing to cut its path.

Even though I was there in February it was hot and I ended up pretty well dehydrated by the end of the run. The amount of elevation climbed was in the top ten overall at over 6,300 feet. To give you a reference point, when I ran at Rocky Mountain National Park my friend Ron and I climbed 7,400 feet (and that was in the Rockies!). I was not expecting so much elevation at Big Bend. That and the sun wore me out. Hope you enjoy this quick peek at Big Bend National Park. Get out and see it yourself! #runningtheparks