This is a very short video (well, mostly photos) about my frustrating run at Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas back on January 13, 2017. Why was it frustrating? Because I kept losing the trail. Not that I kept getting lost or wandering off the trail, the trail just kept disappearing. It seems, I think, there is either not enough foot traffic on some of the remote trails or there isn't enough in the budget for trail maintenance or both but I would be running right a long and then, poof, trail just disappears. So instead of my original loop plan I did a long out and back. Still very enjoyable but a little concerning at times wandering around in the desert. 

At that point I had run at enough parks and had enough experience on trails that I usually know when I waiver and can return to the path. In this case, I searched and searched several times and just wasn't able to find where the trail continued. No matter. I had fun anyway. 

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