I often get asked what is my favorite National Park. I usually say that I can’t choose a favorite because I don’t want the other National Parks to feel bad. What I will say is that Kings Canyon National Park is as close to a favorite as they come. The canyon is spectacular. I compare it to Yosemite but more intimate. The mountain views, the trees, the animals and the Kings River, the rushing, raging, riotous river, all combined to leave an impression on me.

The 2016 winter snowfall was 180% of average. I was there in mid-June 2017 and the snowmelt was finding its way down the mountains any way it could. For me that meant a lot of water crossings. Many times the trail was a torrent working its way to the Kings or a still pond where the water had settled in a low spot.

This the longest video I’ve made to date but Kings Canyon demands the time. What you will see:

  • the insane South Fork Kings River which I ran next to just about the entire time

  • a lot of commentary about what I’m seeing and how I’m feeling

  • a bear! (yes! a bear on the trail)

  • a little lizard!

  • a deer!

  • waterfalls including Mist Falls

  • my wet, wet feet

  • my singing

  • my swearing

  • a snowfield (in June!)

I did an out and back on the Paradise Valley Trail to the Woods Creek Trail. Then an out and back on the Bubbs Creek Trail and an out and back on the Roaring River Falls Trail. There wasn’t a way for me to do a loop. The South Fork Kings River Bridge was washed out earlier in the year.

I want to go back to do the 41.2 mile Rae Lakes loop. Anyone interested? There is so much of that park I didn’t see and want to!