The greatest thing about my National Parks Marathon Project is the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made. Ultrarunner Dave Wiskowski received an email from his Mom about something she thought he should read. Normally he is selective about what he reads from her (sorry Mom) but something made him open this email. It was the NBC News article about my project.

He reached out to me online and said he would be there when I reached California to run at least one marathon with me. He made good on that promise at Joshua Tree National Park.

Dave has transformed his life over the past several years from being sedentary, overweight and without focus to an accomplished ultramarathon runner and an example of positivity to others in the world. He is gracious, generous and tries to be as helpful as he can to everyone he meets.

Like me, Dave is also a plant-based athlete. Our diets are exclusively plant derived and as much whole foods as possible. Dave is just another example of how a plant based diet can support extraordinary physical performance and overall health.

We talked about how we got connected, his transformation, diet and running in National Parks. We were both tired after running 26.2 miles in the California desert but we had a really good discussion.

Since then Dave has become a great friend to me but has also learned an important lesson himself. He should read all of the emails sent by his Mom.

Hope you enjoy.