This is a video compilation of my time at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Capitol Reef is the second least visited of the five Utah National Parks after Canyonlands but is no less spectacular than any of the others. The key geologic feature in Capitol Reef NP is the Waterpocket Fold. 

"The Waterpocket Fold is a classic monocline: an elongated fold with one steep side in an area of otherwise nearly horizontal layers. The layers on the west side of the Fold have been lifted more than 7,000 feet (2134 m) higher than corresponding layers on the east. The Waterpocket Fold is the longest exposed monocline in North America and is nearly 90 miles in length. It is the main reason Capitol Reef National Monument was established in 1937." - Capitol Reef National Park Geology PDF from

I did a 13.1 mile out and back on the Burr Trail road starting from Cedar Mesa Campground. I ran parallel to the Waterpocket Fold following the road to the top of the Burr Trail Switchbacks. There I turned around. It was somewhat hot, sunny and there was very little shade. The terrain demands your attention as you stand and admire a 90 mile long wrinkle in the earth.