I was honored to talk with Dr. Laurie Marbas on her latest podcast. Dr. Marbas is Board Certified in family medicine, a public speaker, author and the medical director at Dr. Furman's Health Oasis, a unique program combining nutritional care with innovative behavioral therapy to reverse illness. She is dedicated to making her patients healthy and curing disease not just treating symptoms.

Dr. Marbas has had big guests on her podcast like Dr. Joel Kahn, Andrew "Spud Fit" Taylor, Milan Ross, Josh LaJaunie and Dr. Robert Ostfeld to pick just a few. I am really appreciative that she asked me to join to talk about Running the Parks. 

We touched on how I came to the decision to start my project and how change is possible. We chatted about motivation and a little about our National Parks. We also talked about how I fuel myself when on the road. Sometimes simplicity is best. 

I really enjoyed our conversation. We ended up talking another hour after the podcast ended. I hope you enjoy as well. 

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