I knew Dry Tortugas was going to be logistically challenging. It involves a ferry ride from Key West to the island and then camping is limited by space. In addition, camping is fully rustic - you need to bring everything including your drinking water.

I may have been a little lax in researching the availability of the ferry and camp spaces. My friend contacted me and said he was going to be there in June and maybe our dates would overlap. Yea, exactly. How often do you know anyone visiting Dry Tortugas National Park much less close enough to the dates you are thinking of going there?

Unfortunately our dates are not going to overlap. By his date in June I will be all the way back to Colorado and approaching completion of the parks in the lower 48 states. But, he prompted me to call the concessionaire that runs the ferry and coordinates the campground for the National Park Service.

Here is an example of where the world is conspiring to help me. I would have likely waited for some other day. I might have even waited until I got to Florida and was running in Biscayne and Everglades to think about booking Dry Tortugas. But, my friend reached out and I am grateful.

When I called and told Val at the ferry service about my marathon project she was very enthusiastic and supportive but when I told her my dates of late April she said that the ferry and the campgrounds are booked until July. I thought a bit and I said I could be there as early as April 8th. It would just mean I would run Dry Tortugas first and then Everglades and Biscayne instead of the reverse.

She said, wait, we must have had a cancelation. I can get you to the island on April 8th for two nights of camping and the ferry returning to Key West on April 10th. She said, “that has your name written all over it”. So, that’s what I did. I wrote my name all over it (well, she did it over the phone and into her computer but you get the idea).

If you notice these events then you will see that the world is aligning to support you. But, if you only notice the challenges that life can bring then you will think the world is against you. This trip has really helped me see and believe that the world is out to support me. I just had to open my eyes to see it.

How about in your life? Are your eyes open to how the world and the people around you are supporting you?

Are you willing to connect a random instant message, call, conversation with a friend which was perfect timing?

Are you willing to make the effort to do what really feeds you and believe that the world will support you?

Because it does.