I was recently a guest on the Plant Trainers podcast with Adam and Shoshana Chaim (www.planttrainers.com). This was a huge honor for me. Their podcast is one of the leading sources of information for leading a healthy and active life through a plant based diet. Their past guests are educators, doctors, professional athletes and other leaders in the plant based community. They were gracious to invite me to talk about my project and how I'm keeping myself in shape to run a trail marathon a week on a plant based diet while living out of my car (Yes! It is possible!).

We touch on my decision to make a change, the mindset of possibility and of course what I eat. I enjoyed talking with Adam and Shoshana and I look forward to meeting them in person when we attend HealthFest in Marshall, Texas in March. 

Listen here on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-plant-trainers-podcast/id957883184?mt=2&ls=1

or on their web site at http://planttrainers.com/wordpress/169/

I would love to hear your comments. Thanks!