I was honored to be invited by Juan and Stephanie Pena to be on their podcast, My Marathon Quest. I'm their third guest after duathlete Chris Mosier, the first known openly transgender athlete to earn a spot on a U.S. men's national team. You may have seen Chris in Nike's Unlimited Courage commercial. You can check it out on YouTube here. And Oscar Kemjika athlete and entrepreneur who is training for a spot on the 2020 Olympic Team in track. Then, little ol' me. 

In the podcast Juan, Stephanie and I talk about the genesis of my project and what it takes to be ready to run a marathon a week. We also discuss the mindset it takes to leave the city and a good job, living a minimalist lifestyle, learning about living an experiential live as well as some of the challenges of living on the road. And, in support of with the title of the podcast we talk about my tips for a novice or first time marathoner. 

Juan and Stephanie are wonderful and I enjoyed spending time with them. I hope you enjoy the discussion as well.