I was honored to be one of the first guests on my friends Stephanie and Juan Pena's podcast The Pena Show. It was recorded a little while ago when I was about halfway through the parks in the lower 48 states. It was originally going to be audio only but they held on to the recording until they were ready to include it on their TV show. Yes, TV show! The Pena Show is broadcast every week on local TV in Brooklyn. They created a really nice montage of photos from the National Parks to accompany our discussion. We talked about the project, making a change, minimalism and running. It is fun to know that the discussion was broadcast on TV for all of NYC to see. Thanks Stephanie and Juan for the opportunity and good luck on building the show and your multimedia empire. 

You can watch The Pena Show Saturdays at 1:30pm in NYC on Verizon Fios channel 42 or live online on the Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 1.

There is also an audio only podcast version. You can listen via iTunes here.  Be sure to subscribe. They get fascinating guests with wide ranging wellness related topics. 

Here is the video version. Thanks for watching!