Hi! I’m Bill. I’m an ex-management consultant now turned plant-based, certified running coach and founder of the National Parks Marathon Project. My passion is to bring people together and experience nature through running.

I wanted to break from the corporate world and take on something closely aligned with my personal values. While thinking about experiential ways to promote a healthy lifestyle I happened to read about the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Their slogan #findyourpark resonated with me.

I developed the Project as a way for me and others to reconnect with nature - both personal nature and physical nature. I believe that a marathon is long enough for us to become aware of ourselves. Stress, anxiety, problems - they all fall away when running long distances. You realize your capability. You connect with your true personal nature.

The Project is also a great reason to visit the physical nature we all own as Americans, our National Parks. Running a marathon allows us to experience 26.2 miles in a Park in a way that I believe connects us to the earth at a deeper level. The distance gives nature an opportunity to challenge us.

I eat plant based. It makes me feel and perform my best. It is also better for the environment and animals. I promote a plant based diet for optimum performance and health.

Join me in the National Parks Marathon Project. Let us make this a celebration of ourselves and nature. What a better reason to visit a Park? What a better way to see a Park? Let’s get out and start #runningtheparks!

Personal running highlights include:

  • Lydiard Foundation Level II Running Coach
  • Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Running Coach
  • Two time Boston Marathon qualifier
  • 2012 Boston Marathon finisher
  • Top five age group and top 15% overall in the 2014 North Face Endurance Challenge Bear Mountain 50K
  • 2x 50 mile Cayuga Trails ultramarathon finisher
  • Top 10% overall in the 2012 New York City Half Marathon

Personal Values

  • Health and Wellness
  • Cleverness
  • Creativity and Expressiveness
  • Exploration and Growth
  • Contribution and Impact
  • Discipline